How long do the cleaning products last?

We always recommend using our shoe care products within 1 year of the first time of use. After that year, products may lose their effectiveness.

I just purchased a very expensive pair of shoe, is it safe to use your cleaning products on them?

When it comes to our shoe care items, we do list any materials that our product should not be used on. If you are concerned with a specific type of shoe, we always recommend reaching out to the original shoe or boot manufacturer to see if they recommend using our product on them. If you do decide to try it out, make sure you try the product on a small inconspicuous area first and allow the area to dry completely to make sure there is no color change or reaction.

Has the packaging changed?

Yes! We recently changed the design to predominately white packaging with splashes of color based on the category of insole.

Do you make insoles for wide feet?

We do not make extra wide insoles. If you have an exceptionally wide shoe, we usually recommend ordering the next size up. The arch placement would not shift drastically but the width would increase.

I have plantar fascia, but want a full length insole. Is the plantar fascia insole available in full length?

Our Plantar Fascia insole is only available in a ¾ length. We recommend checking out our FIT Insoles. They offer rigid support with a full-length cushion for added comfort.

What is the difference between the Airr and the Airr Orthotic?

The Airr Orthotic™ is a slightly more rigid version of the Air insole. They both feature Skydex™ air bubbles in the heel and gel in the forefoot.

What is in Sneaker Balls?

It is a non-toxic detergent.